Keep Petaluma Eggcentric Bumper stickers and More!

  • Bumperstickers are now available. Look for them at Early Work Toy Station, Jungle Vibes, Ever May Garden Center, Aqus Cafe, Rocklin Jewelry, and many more downtown merchants. Please email us if you would like to carry our bumperstickers in your store!
  • T-shirts are now available in Adult, Youth and Infant’s sizes at Jungle Vibes, Early Work Toy Station, and Heebe Jeebes! Pick yours up in time time for Butter & Eggs! Shirts in additional styles, sizes and colors, as well as a variety of other items are available at our Cafe Press store!
  • Yard signs are now available! If you would like one for your home or store please e-mail us!
  • Please share your pictures! Show your “Petaluma Pride” by e-mailing us pics of Petalumans wearing our T-shirts, using our bumper stickers, yard signs, or other products. If we get enough photos we will add a page to our site to showcase our proud members!
  • Support our local Independent Merchants!

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone for your time, energy and passion. Special thanks to John Crowley for use of the Aqus Cafe, Gene Hamm for our T-shirt designs, Nicky Orvitt for the cool postcard designs, everyone who wrote letters in support of our community (Congratulations to those who got them published!), and to everyone who has attended our epic meeting/ brainstorming sessions! Big Thanks to those who have donated to our Easter Gift Basket Campaign! Merchants that donated goods or financial contributions include P.I.B.A. (Petaluma Independent Business Association), Early work Toy Station, Ever May Garden Center, Starstruck Boutique, Chicks & Cowboys, Jungle Vibes,and Copperfield’s Bookstore.


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