Get Your own Copy of "INVASION OF THE BIG BOX CHAINS" Today!

Invasion of the big box Chains!
A chilling analysis of how proposed Bigbox retail development
would bankrupt Petaluma economically and socially…

Copies of “Invasion of the Big Box Chains!” will soon be available
at independently owned businesses throughout Petaluma!
If you are interested in hosting a viewing party for your friends
and neighbors please contact Melissa at:
Included in the viewing kit is a DVD of “Invasion of the Big Box Chains!”,
a DVD of Oct. 2nd’s “Should Petaluma Think Outside the Box? Doing the Math
on Proposed Big Box Retail: A Community Forum” and all the information
you need to become an informed and active member of the PNA!

The reviews are in:
“A terrifying film of action-packed economic violence
and soul-sucking social mayhem. A tip of the Royal
Top Hat to H.R. Downs and Paul Francis for creating a
film that should be seen by everyone in Petaluma who
cares about their town.”
–His Majesty Norton II, Emperor of Petaluma
(Petaluma 360)

2 responses to “Get Your own Copy of "INVASION OF THE BIG BOX CHAINS" Today!

  1. I’m pleased to have been part of the making of this film and that Utne Reader has expressed interest in it. I’m hoping people in all the neighborhoods of Petaluma have a chance to see the film so they can better understand what the chain stores really mean for our community.

    We didn’t know, for instance, that people in Europe have only about 1/10th the retail stores we have. Maybe we have enough already – or too much to support! We really need Community Impact Reports (CIRs) to understand the impacts of any big new development in Petaluma.

  2. I’d love to see this film. How can I get a copy? or just see it?


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