Show Me the Tenants?

Again and again the residents of Petaluma ask who the tenants for East Washington Place and Deer Creek Developments are? The answer is always Target and Lowes. The reality is we really don’t know.
Target recently postponed their planned expansion in San Rafael. Let us recognize that the trade area for that Target would have been all the way from Novato to South San Francisco, West to the coastline and East to Albany. Quite a sizable trade area in location with no existing KMart, Walmart, or Costco stores for competition. A Petaluma Target’s trade area would be 9 miles to our North and 10 miles to our South. Now why would Target continue to pursue a location in Petaluma and postpone the more sizable potential investment in San Rafael? (
Speculation that Friedman’s proposed Petauma location may be at East Washington, Deer Creek or elsewhere has started stirring ( How sure of a thing is Lowe’s if Friedman’s is being considered? It calls into question just how willing these large chains are committed to investing in our community.
In the past, many council members stated that they were okay with a Target but drew the line at a Walmart. The FEIA’s we requested show limited details and never use actual data from the “proposed” tenants. When developers seek to turn neighbors against each other, falsify support for their projects, hold unnoticed meetings, and make every attempt to barrage our community with propaganda for their projects we start to lose faith in their integrity and commitment.
How do we know what we are getting?

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