True Mixed-Use Design Offered by the Community…

On February 23rd, at the Petaluma Planning Commission meeting, PNA members presented an alternative mixed-use design site plan drawing for the Kenilworth parcel. The design layout was heralded as a superior design to that which was proposed by Regency Centers. The community’s design concept better represents the vision of Petaluma’s General Plan which calls for “design standards that promote pedestrian orientation”. This redesign layout presented by the PNA gave the community a better option, and left many Petalumans wondering why Regency Centers is so adverse to building a well designed project here in Petaluma?


2 responses to “True Mixed-Use Design Offered by the Community…

  1. I like this redesign of the shopping center. I would ask Regency Centers to try to incorporate a few of these ideas into their project design- to make the project more pedestrian and mixed use.

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