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Breaking Petaluma…

Yet again Regency Centers has proven to the residents of Petaluma that there are no limits to how low they are willing to stoop to get their poorly designed project built. Early on in this process they submitted forged letters to the Argus Courier now, they are following up with their threats and a lawsuit filed against the city.

Retail development has changed drastically over the years. Regency Centers’ proposal has not met with those changes. Consequently, they have been unwilling to produce a good product here in Petaluma. Now, they are blaming the “planning process” and our “city council” for their ineptitude.

If Regency Centers seek approval and accolades for their project here in Petaluma they should design a project that complies with the mixed use zoning and with the General Plan. Instead they’ve chosen to obstruct the planning and development process and place the blame elsewhere.