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  1. in spirit,


  2. Craig Caddell

    Dear Melissa & Paul,

    I am doing volunteer outreach for my children’s school, Live Oak Charter, which is located in the Fairgrounds and I would like to put PNA on the distribution list for our monthly newsletter, or discuss with you the most effective way for our school to reach your audience with news about our accomplishments, festivals and events.

    We are, by the way, very concerned about the potential effects of having the Regency project go in next door and many parents at the school are active on this issue.

    Do you have time to talk this coming week?

    Thank you,
    Craig Caddell

  3. Bruce Eriksen

    Yes! I am glad to see you are getting organized about this project which is obviously so counter to the City’s general Plan and the compromises the character I and most people I know want to see develop in Petaluma.
    Every study points to the fact that despite the possible sales tax revenue it might generate, long term big box shopping centers drive out local businesses, lowers the average salary of its employees, congests traffic , and stresses local public services.
    I am for keeping Petaluma – Petaluma USA, not anywhere USA.

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