Take Action!

*Please sign our Petition:
Responsible Retail Development in Petaluma Petition
Let’s make it known that we want sustainable and well-designed development.

*Get Informed about the “East Washington Place” project and additional developments slated for Petaluma. Look at the impacts of having more sprawling retail along East Washington Street. Think about how this would effect our community!

*Attend City Council Meetings: Write down your thoughts and speak to the Council Members about your concerns. City Council Meets the 1st and 3rd Monday every month (3pm & 7pm). Public comment is heard at the beginning of every meeting. For more info: cityofpetaluma.net/cclerk/council

*Write! Written comments are very important to the planning process. Comments in writing addressed to the City Council and the Planning Department become public record! Addresses to send comments to:
-Derek Farmer

Community Development Dept., 11 English Street Petaluma, CA 94952
-Petaluma City Council/ Mayor’s Office

Attn: Claire Cooper, 11 English Street Petaluma, CA 94952
-Pamela Tuft/General Plan Comments
Department of General Plan Administration
11 English Street Petaluma, CA 94952

Link: cityofpetaluma.net/genplan/guide.html
E-mail: generalplan@ci.petaluma.ca.us

*Support the PNA! If you agree with our concerns please help support us.
You can make a check or money order out to:

The Petaluma Neighborhood Assocation
our mailing address is:
40 Fourth street,
Petaluma, California

“An effective Government requires an involved community”


3 responses to “Take Action!

  1. We must all do our part, to be actively engaged in the world around us, to promote development which is sustainable for generations to come, to only allow development projects that will contribute to our healthy community without burdening our local economy.

  2. Thank you for all this information and a place to share. This is our community and this is how we shape it.

  3. Bruce Eriksen

    I think that previous comment illustrates what lack of knowledge leads to. In fact this project is blatantly counter to the City’s General Plan and the compromises the character I, and most people I know who live here, want to see develop in Petaluma.
    Most valid studies point to the fact that despite the possible sales tax revenue it might generate short term, long term, big box shopping centers drive out local businesses, lower the average salary of th city’s employees, congests traffic , and stresses and raises the cost of local public services.
    I am for keeping Petaluma – Petaluma USA, not anywhere USA., sustainability not short term trendiness, and architectural character rather than urban blight.
    This website is about thoughtful planning which includes not LA style strip-malls designed for short term international corporate profit with little or no concern for local quality of life.

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